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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 :: A Year Review. 2013 :: A Year Full of Hope

Assalamualaikum w.b.r.t

Dear 2012,
Thank you so much for being so nice to me.
Good bye sweety...

Hope your cousin, 2013 will treat me better. =)
Welcome 2013 =D

Let review back what I've done and improve in this 2012.
Do I fulfill my 2012 determination?
(Pls refer to entry two thousand twelve )
 KPI 2012?

1. Job

Alhamdulillah, i already finished my job as a master student.
Successfully submit my thesis, done my viva and graduated last october. 

As many people trying hard to get job nowadays, thankfully i got this tutor job in Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and Health Science which now it is known as Faculty of Bioscience and Medical Engineering.Alhamdulillah.

Now, i'm focus to pursuing my study to higher level for more knowledge, become better person and In Shaa Allah will contribute more to religion, nation and country.Amiin
Dr. Aisyah  Ahmad Shafi (2015)

Yes!I Should focus on this!

2. Financial

My New regulation for myself in 2012
i.  save RM 500 per month for future expenditure
ii. keep RM2/ day everyday for emergency purpose
I manage to save RM 500 per month in first 6 month and the money i already used bought my handy galaxy tab 7.7..hikhik
I also manage to keep RM 2/ month for 3 first month, RM 3/month for the next 3 month and 
RM 4/month  in july, august and september which in total i got more than RM 500. Huhu, i don't why my discipline start vanished after aidilfitri...
hmm... need to be more discipline on money management. 

Based on book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad', wealth is measured by the number of days the income from your assets can sustain you...for myself, i thinks i just can live for about 3 month using my saving without others help. 
Need to save more money!...Avoid wastage!
In addition, try to enhance sadaqa, because it is the investment for hereafter life.

3. Family
When i review back the hope in the entry; two thousand twelse subtopic family ,I am very suprised because i my desired place to go traveling with my family is Cameron Highland. 
Without doubt, apparently i really want to go to Cameron Highland..heee~

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for fulfilling my wish.
Last november, all of my family member managed to create a glorious, enjoyable and full of exhilaration journey even we have decided to go for holiday at Cameron Highland a week before the date.
Thanks to Allah, our journey goes smoothly and full with beautiful memories.

In shaa Allah we will go to Langkawi this year. Amin

4. Recreation

Traveling, for some people is all about discovering new places, new food, new culture but for me going to another city is the best opportunity to have a quick fix of fun and adventure. 

Enjoy the scenery, experience new things and the utmost is capturing awesome moment.

In 2012, i wish to encouter  new recreation activities such as mountain/rock climbing, hiking, horse riding, kayaking, backpacking and scuba diving.

Alhamdulillah, luckily i have experienced four out of six of my wishes -mountain climbing (even though just 2km; at the foot of the Kota Kinabalu (KK)mountain), backpacking& scuba diving also at KK, including another three unexpected excitement experiences ;Para-sailing , ice-skating and go to amusement park, Universial Studio Singapore. 

All of that are awesome and precious experiences in 2012.

I wish i can travel all around the world in this 2013, gain knowledge and sharing knowledge. In shaa Allah

5. Self Development

Alhamdulillah i managed to improved myself by slide in before 9 am..heeee.. need to improve more to 8am..
What i really impressed myself is i managed to clean-up my files in the laptops!..haha... i need to be more discipline in managing my files in the harddisk! That is one of the Phd success tips!
My resolution for this year
>Complete my work successfully!
>Organize my work!
>Believe myself
>Think variety
>Dig deeply
>Think in detail
>Take all things seriously
>Accept challenge!
>Discipline - The success key

6. Relationship

I wish i will change my status from being cik Aisyah Ahmad Shafi into Puan Aisyah Ahmad Shafi this year, 2013.
Hopefully i will meet my prince charming and life happily till jannah...weee (^^,)Y
Indeed, i really hope to further my PhD with my lovely hubby...heeee =)
Please pray for me. Amin 

7. Spiritual/ Religion
I want to improve my tajwid, memorize hadith, enhance concerns  to religion and communities related issue. In shaa Allah. Amin.

May my dreams come true.Amin

p/s : cannot denied, i'm speechless



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