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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mr.S, Miss F and Little C

Almost three year i am work with mr.S, miss F.T and little C, and until now i'm not introduce them in this blog yet.
Whoaa! who are that S,C and F? my supervisor name not start with that alphabets... krikkrik...
Hee actually they are not human but things that related to my phd
Haa... your project not related to `D`? the thing that u are interested?..
Hurm.. yeah.. its hard story why my project not related to D for d-e-n-t-i-s-t-r-y but D for d-e-d-y. haha..what's the relation...
Yeah.. don't think too much on the past things..
Just believe; Allah already decide this route for me and surely there is hikmah why Allah plan like that. Need to have faith on that.

Ohh... please come back to the main agenda.
So what are that S,F and C?
Mr. S is Sensor. the big guy that most of labmates aim for .. heee.. no lah.. Meaning of sensor is the device that able to sense parameters either physical, chemical and biological then show the data qualitatively or quantitatively ( i just write it without referring any dictionary or website, just from my understanding. dont quote word by word, please read the real definition from dictionary).

Ok, now who is miss F..
Is that a girl?
Hee.. i put it miss because its character like a girl ; soft, its look weak from outlook but quite strong, easy to integrate to other, flexible, easy to change based on surrounding and complicated
Hehe.. F.T stand for fabric or thread. hee.. its true right its properties like a girl.
Soft- its true that fabric is soft that why it the main application of fabric as our shirt, apparel and bedding.
Look weak but quite strong - Fabric when we see from outside, its not so tough like metal but when we threw it, step on it, lay on it, stretch it-its not tear off until you applied something sharp on it or something hot on it. Just like a girl - their heart can bear something sad, some pain and act normally like nothing happened. But when its hurt her heart, and she can stand it anymore, its burst, the heart broke into pieces and when try to put it back its not same like original.
Haha... how come i'm relate fabric t girl..

All of my labmates' project related to miss F. Fabric for ecg electrode, fabric for cell platform, fabric for flexible circuit, fabric for screen printed electrode, fabric for biosensor and etc.
And some of us work with miss F.T and miss F.F, they are from same root but different family.hehe.. Me myself works with thread ( fabric-thread) and also Ulum. on the other hand, intan work with fiber (fabric - fiber).
Ant carbon nanotube cartoon

Then little C, it is carbon nanotube. i called it little because the size of this material is in nanosize. This material like " kecil-kecil cili padi, kecil tapi berapi. ". This material was found in 1991 by japanese scientist name Iijima. It quite new material as was found less than 30 years ago. Why i said "kecil- kecil cilipadi because even it is small material but have high electrical conductivity, good mechanical strength, .... err.. what's else??

Hurm.. i think i need to know more on this little C..
ok.. see u all again!'

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Duhai ogos bawalah aura semangatmu kepadaku

abang yakin awak boleh buat. awak kene susun strategi, plan betul2.
nawaitu lillahitaala
fardhu kifayah
menjadi ilmuan islam yang disegani dunia spt al khawarismi ibnu khaldun
jangan beralasan
jangan bertangguh..
semoga Allah bantu aku untuk terus fokus dan berjaya.

kata2 inspirasi : suami.supervisor.tetamujemputanikimfm.


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