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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Allah know the Best

Praise to Almighty Allah swt for His bless, because still give me opportunity to study until this level, Doctor of Philosophy…
In shaa Allah, I will seek knowledge lillahitaala, to get Your pleasure and make me close to you. Ameen..

Although I’m still here, in Malaysia in Faculty of Biosciences and Medical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia… not in University of Sydney or University of Glasglow, In shaa Allah I’m redha and accept that here is the best place for me for the current time..
I believe that Allah has planned better plans for me afterwards, In shaa Allah.
In my final year project, I done project on hearing aids, then proceed on Dental implant for my Master project…
In shaa Allah in my PhD level, I want to combine my knowledge in Mechanical and Electrical field and apply in Biomedical Engineering.
My current PhD title is “Embedded CNT-fiber Composite for Monitoring Growth of Implantable Smart Tissue Expander “
I need to learn many things… MEMS, Tissue Expander, Wireless, Tissue Culture…
In shaa Allah… I can do it… Pray for me… I just started the engine, there are a long journey I need to travel before I reach the destination.
All the best to me and all the best to you all also.

May all of us always get His bless. Ameen.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Redha is not easy but it is a must

I still remember
That sunny bright day
When i see u
You r not the same balloon as other
You radiant well
I pick you
Tight you to my hand
Hold u well
Avoid from burst

In this adventure journey
Holding you make me feel calm

Until one day
Someone told me
Why are you holding a rope
Let me give u another balloon
Oh i dont realize that u r flown away

The truth sometime bitter
But it better you know u r holding a rope now
And get new balloon
Than just keep holding that rope and reluctant to take another balloon

Thank you radiant bloom balloon
Become my inspiration
To become better person
In the adventurous year
Silently whispering hope
Unconsciously sending advice
To keep close to Allah swt

For this bitter truth ya rabb
I feel more calm, more peace
I can let the rope go
And holding tight another balloon
Tightly to get Your pleasure
In shaa Allah

The person that get u is lucky, congratulation my dear radiant bloom balloon :-).
Even we are not belongs to be together but you gave big impact on my life.
Again thank you for everything.
May Allah bless you always

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