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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ummu Ammar, Dr. Aisyah

Alhamdulillah this 2016 bring another responsibility to me that is as a mother to Muhammad Ammar bin Muhammad. When we become as mother then we know many sacrifices that our mother done to us. Not only as a mother, I am a wife, a phd student, a daugther, a daughter-in-law, a sister, a tutor and so on.. Everyone of us has their own responsibility to fulfill. As a mother and at the same time study is not a easy life, but many of my friends have proven that we as a woman can do it. Even one of my idol Dr. K.S has succed her PhD even that time she has 5 children. You just have one son, Aisyah, it should be more easier. Stuck in postgraduate is a usual thing. You just need to stand up gain, take a deep breath and keep walk. When you already have the stamina, try to run. In shaa Allah, Allah will give His direction to right path. Ameen.


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