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Tuesday, June 25, 2013



It's raining today.
After about two weeks, johor not got any rain.

Even, its raining outside.
We. Still hot inside the room.
Having nightmare.
A big rock was pushed toward us.
Without any clue or any sign.
Surprised? Shock? Blur? Stuck?

The rain may cleared away the haze outside.
But, there is a raining inside which bring together the haze.

Haze, the dust suddenly come into the life.
Make the future somehow fuzzy.

Indeed, Allah knows well what is the best for His slave.
May we get the strength to face this test.

P/s: why u always become the 1st person to know the hot story...#£%&&*
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stairway to PhD mountain - Episode 2 : value of a doctorate graduate

PhD, Doctoral of Philosophy
" a significant contribution to the world knowledge"

Awarded to a candidate who
>> having critically investigated and evaluated an approved topic
>> has presented  and defensed a thesis by oral examination to the satisfaction of the examiners
>> demonstrated and understanding of research methods appropriate to the chosen field
>> independent and original contribution to knowledge

Allah knows everything.
He knows that sydney is the most suitable for me..
He knows that Dr. Ayman and Assoc. Prof Qing Li are the most ideal researchers to be my supervisors....
In shaa Allah, keep praying hope everything goes well...
.interview utm, approval kpt. visa. accommodation. project. Everything lah...

Sydney!... Wait for Us!


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