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Friday, August 23, 2013

Cousin drama


The clock shows the current time is 21:34.
Leaning at the seat no 1 of KKKL JLT 8699.
Heading to Malacca from Johor Bahru.
What we plan, not always happened as we want.

Dialogue 1. Sunday 11:45

Cousin 1 : are u going back for the cousion 2's wedding this saturday?
Me: of course, when do u want to going back?
Cousin 1 : i have replacement class on saturday... let's accompany me going back on saturday.
Me : it's ok for me. I dont have any problem with it. But, i will going back by bus.
Cousion 1 : owh u dont want to drive.
Me : next week i will drive home and send my brother for his registration university.
Cousin : ok, if like that i'll follow u to go malacca by bus.
Me : ok i'll remind u when i want to buy the tickets.

Dialogue 2. Monday 17:00

By sms...

Cousin 1: sorry, i cannot going back with u because on saturday, they will have replacement class then, on sunday, they to make tuition as spm is around the corner.

Me : La...really? Okkk

Dialogue 3. Wednesday 19:09

Cousin 3: are u going for my sister's wedding?
Me : yes.
Cousin 3: wanna join u...
Me : i going back by bus la.
Cousin 3 : oooo,.. buy the bus's ticket for me too.
Me : at what time u want to going back?
Cousin 3 : i will finish my work at 5 pm... then, i think 8 pm is ok for me to be ready and drive from pg to skudai..
Me: orite.

Dialogue 4. Just now 20:00

Me: where are you? Do you already on arrived?
Cousin 3: not yet i'm stucked at EDL... the traffic is soo slow

Dialogue 5. 20:27

Me: the bus already arrived. Where are you?
Cousin 3: at the kempas tol. Ask the driver to wait for me..
Me : huh? Ok, i'll try.

After devastatedly negotiate with the driver.. the driver just move on after wait just 2 minutes.

Now, one more problem, before this cousin 4 which is cousin 3's brother will fetch us at malacca central...

Then, thr drama continue between me, cousin 3, cousin 4 and my dad.
The agenda are who will fetch me and cousin 3.
because after left by my bus, he took bus to kl and the discussion among where he should stop by so cousin 4 can fetch us in one way...

Oh.... its soo drama, right.
Yeah real drama of life.
We are the actor and actress, just can plan the flow of drama but the director is Allah s.w.t...
He will determine the plot of the story.

Ok, right now alhamdulillah i already arrived at my home sweet home fetched my lovely brothers.
Acting in the anxious drama make me not feel sleepy in bus.
It's time to go sleep. Time to dream of my lovelu future life...heee... sweet people in a sweet dream at sweet hometown...heee... good night!

the moon is exquisite tonight but i just capture the photo by tablet, soooo not so adorable picture..hehe... hope u see the same beauty moon.. ok bai... wassalam
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