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Thursday, June 2, 2011

half year pass...

step on june mean u already go through 153 day in 2011 and u just have 212 days to 2012...
omg, time running too fast!
or u r too slow??

"time up"
"when ur turn?..aku bukan nak halau kau, but it a fact that u need to move forward"
"errr ok dr"
"dr. about dr.ibrahim the visiting lecturer that will come, rmc called to edit our application form ke dr?......................."
"ahh ko memang terror bab tukar topik ni"...
(huhu....that my bad characteristic : always runaway...not dare to face problem,reality)
>and i need to throw away that feeling, that trait<

//congrate to my labmate, my tutormate, my x-classmate, x-studygroupmate ; nazri for his master viva.n to my senior labmate; abang ardi for his phd viva. pls give ur aura to me...hehe//
//and happy besday to my labmate; fitd. may all ur dreams will come true//

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